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LOGIX Insulated Concrete Forms

Praesidium Homes is your local ICF expert. The majority of the structural labor is kept “in house” which means better control over quality and cost. Our crews are frequently subcontracted by other builders as well to construct ICF wall systems.

1. Much like “giant Lego®  blocks”, the hollow forms simply stack together.

2. Two thick, continuous foam panels envelope the building providing continuous high R-Value insulation.

3. The steel reinforced concrete cavity comes in 4" to 12” thickness.

4. The ICF wall delivers up to 60% lower air infiltration than traditionally built walls, adding to the thermal performance of the insulation.

5. The Logix ICF concrete core also provides a 5-day thermal lag. The thermal performance of the home is greatly enhanced.

6. The steel reinforced concrete core also protects against fires, hurricanes and earthquakes.

7. The insulated concrete wall significantly reduces noise penetration.

8. With the savings of a LOGIX ICF wall system, owners enjoy savings up to 60% in heating and cooling costs and up to 50% in homeowners insurance premium.