Design and Cost


Our experienced and knowledgeable team includes an in-house draftsman offering our customers affordable design services and value engineering. We can help you design your dream home according to your needs... and your budget!  We also work with architects and professional designers in our community and can offer your chosen designer assistance in converting your wood-framed or concrete block design to ICF specifications. Our staff engineer provides valuable assistance with civil engineering and site plan design.


On average, the cost to build an ICF home only results in a 5% increase in upfront construction costs.  Having said that, the HVAC system in an ICF structure can be downsized, there is no need for wall insulation, vapor barriers, furring strips or many other features required for a traditional wood-framed or concrete block wall system, not to mention the potential for reduced labor costs.

Praesidium Homes also includes additional energy saving features in your ICF home, such as spray foam insulation to the roof deck to completely "seal the envelope" and an on-demand water heating system.  The biggest impact of all comes in the long term savings from energy bills that are cut in half and the significantly reduced insurance premiums that accumulate over the entire time you occupy the home, leaving more money in your pocket each month. The table below (partially courtesy of LOGIX®  Insulated Concrete Forms) effectively communicates this:

EXPENSE                                    TRADITIONAL WOOD-FRAME HOME               LOGIX ICF HOME

COST OF HOME                            $300,000                                      $315,000                       

MONTHLY MORTGAGE               $1,920                                             $2,016                           

MONTHLY ENERGY BILL             $350                                               $150                               

MONTHLY INSURANCE PREM.   $100                                                $66

TOTAL MONTHLY COST              $2,370                                             $2,232                          

MONTHLY SAVINGS                      $0                                                    $138

The above figures are estimates based on actual utility and insurance bills provided by customers.  

Construction, mortgage, energy and insurance costs may vary depending on style, design and location of home.